6 Painful Fungal Infections



Fungi infection, now days are common throughout the world. The micro-organisms live on land, water, air and in human body. In certain conditions, it could cause infection in human body but mainly it serves it purpose without harming a person. The symptoms of a person having fungal infection are change in skin, itching, dryness or redness on the body. There are many types of fungal infection, a person can get:

Candida It refers to the common microorganisms that live on our body. It is also known as thrush. Mostly the moist area is infected by this. Bad personal hygiene, wearing of dirty underwear can also be a cause to get infected. It can also affect the toe-nail. When the yeast starts growing uncontrollably, it may be problematic and can cause infection. Taking antibiotics, high alcohol consumption, diabetes, stress and weak immune system cause Candida infection. It can also lead to various health problems is overgrown. Food such as garlic, coconut oil, aloevera, pomegranate and pro-biotics help in fighting the infection.

Athlete foot – It mainly affects the foot of a person. It grows in warm and moist conditions. The problem is related to athletes and sports person. It multiplies speedily in summer season within socks, shoes etc. Itching, stinging, peeling of cracked skin, redness in the foot area are the symptoms of this infection. The infection can be formed on the sides of the feet or around the toe-nails. The treatment of the infection is done generally by using ointments whereas severe problems require proper treatment and medications. By keeping foot dry and clean, the problem can be prevented.

Jock itch – It is also known as tinea curis. Itching, redness, irritation, burning and dry peeling of the infected skin are some of the symptoms for the problem. The infection can be identified by its appearance and a particular look on the body and can spread from person to person. Diabetes, heavy sweat, weak immune systems are the reasons for the problem.  The infection occurs mostly in obese people. Use of topical medications can help treat the infection. Using anti-fungal medicines can also prevent the infection.

Ringworm – It is a fungus that lives on dead tissues like hair, skin, nails and causes infection to a person. It is generally identified as a red ring-shaped patch on the body. The infection can be transmitted by the contact with skin. You can get the infection from soil or from objects like towel or clothes. The identification of the infection is done by using a sample from the infected skin. It can cause both jock-itch and athlete foot infection. The treatment is done based on the severity of the infection. Tropical medication use can help to treat the infection.

Yeast infection – An infection that causes itching, burning sensation, redness, pain or white discharge from the genital area. Use of certain anti-biotics, uncontrolled diabetes, and weak immune system unhygienic area are the major symptoms to have infection. Yeast infection can be mild or major depending on the symptoms. To prevent the infection wet, tight clothes, un-necessary intake of antibiotics should be avoided. Short course therapy, single dose medicine should be taken for the treatment of infection.

Aspergillosis – The infection occurs in chronic or cute forms. It includes a wide variety of disease and occurs in human, birds and animals. Chronic pulmonary disease, illness such as asthma might cause the infection. Repeated coughing of blood, chest pain, bleeding are some of the symptoms related to the fungus infection. It can be diagnosed by doing body checkup or tests. Environmental infection control, oral steroids, surgery are some of the treatments for aspergillosis treatment.

Because fungal spores are present everywhere in the environment, a healthy person can also get fungal infection. The treatment for fungal infections is present in the market. It is always advisable to inform a doctor if there is any infection indication. Taking preventive actions like basic hygiene and safety measures to prevent infections can be helpful.