A Therapy to Improve Sexual Difficulties in Women – Fili 100

Fili 100mg

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is a common condition that occurs in women. It is a multifactorial condition where a decrease in sensual desire causes personal or interpersonal difficulties. It is a far most frequent condition that occurs in women and is known as female sexual dysfunction. Recurrent or persistent absence of sensual desire can occur. With HSDD condition, a woman does not initiate in lovemaking sessions. Furthermore, low desire, impaired sexual interest, low libido and other factors can be resolved with the help of Fili 100.

Causes of Low Desire

It is a condition that occurs in women at any age. The problem might occur occasionally and can remain throughout the life of a person. Furthermore, the problem can occur in women in their adult age due to increased stress. Multifactorial illness, medications as well as psychological health are the main sources of HSDD in women.

Reduced estrogen level to pre-menopausal issues can make sensual activity painful and might lead to reduced desire due to a gradual decrease in hormone level, estrogen, and testosterone. These factors together serve to increase desire with Fili 100mg.

Physical issues that cause HSDD

•  Diabetes
•  Heart disease
•  Urinary tract infection (UTI)
•  Neurological disorder
•  Pelvic surgery
•  Decreased sexual desire
•  Insufficient hormonal level
•  Medication side effects

Psychological factors that cause HSDD

•  Stress
•  Relationship issues
•  Anxiety
•  Depression
•  Trauma or Sexual abuse

Treatment for HSDD

Removing or alleviating the underlying causes such as relationship issues, stress, anxiety, insufficient hormonal level and other factors help manage the problem. Fili 100 with Flibanserin 100mg works to promote sexual desire in women by naturally arising satisfaction and interest during lovemaking. In the context of relationship issues, medicine works to improve the relationship of a person. A significant increase in lovemaking sessions and satisfying desire helps promote overall health factors of a person.

Fili 100mg also known as Addyi is a novel centrally acting compound that works with efficacy and safety. Generally useful for the treatment of HSDD in premenopausal women, the active component flibanserin binds to manage mild to moderate condition. It is a well-tolerated potential treatment. The medicine needs to be consumed once daily during bedtime. Furthermore, capable of increasing sexual desire and functioning, the medicine is needed to develop specific hormonal level.