Bluemen 50 to Maintain Penile Sensitivity and Functioning

Bluemen 50

Penile nerve damage usually doesn’t happen overnight, but it can feel like it. One day a man’s penile is super-sensitive and reacts to physical activity. Not far into the future, a man is feeling numb, and nothing can make him feel aroused. Other men experience the problem of lack of capability or feeling to obtain or sustain an erection. The problem can lead to cause Erectile Dysfunction and can be managed with oral medications such as Bluemen 50.

What Is Penile Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage, in general, is also known as neuropathy. Many men may have heard of neuropathy because it’s a common side effect of diabetes. However, a man can have nerve damage due to many things, such as disease, genetics, or lifestyle. It specifically has its causes and effects, most notably loss of penile sensitivity and resulting sensual dysfunction.

Potential Symptoms

There are several symptoms of ED. Of course, not all men experience the same symptoms, and some experience them in less or more intensity than do others. The following are some of the most common signs of ED:

• Loss of penile sensitivity
• A tingling sensation
• Numbness
• Complete lack of feeling when stimulated
• A cold sensation

Potential Causes

ED can be caused by many things, some preventable and some that just aren’t. Diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV, low testosterone as well as lifestyle causes such as penile trauma or injury, having relationship issues or practicing self-pleasure, intense rough sensual activity are some of the causes. Thankfully, both kinds of problem respond to treatment, and most men can regain some or all sensation back into their penile. Bluemen 50mg tablets with Sildenafil 50mg works to enhance functioning.

Recovery with Bluemen 50

There are several treatment options open to men who are experiencing nerve damage issue that causes ED. Results will differ in intensity and success. Here are a few ways men can bring some penile sensitivity back or regain it completely:

•  Treat disease first before treating the nerve damage.
•  Some medications cause damage; see a doctor for potential alternatives.
•  Take some time away from the sensual activity of every kind for a while to regain feeling.

Oral medications such as Bluemen 50 mg works to enhance sensual functioning in men. By relaxing contracted nerves, the medicine helps increase the flow of blood in the penile region to attain or sustain an erection and manage ED issues. The problem can occur at any stage and the reason might be due to underlying health issues. Although, the treatment varies differently in men most men can help resolve the condition with oral medications such as Sildenafil. One can also buy Bluemen 50 mg Online at an affordable price to enhance sensual functioning and improve health factors.