Cenforce 130: A Tablet To Obtain Smooth Erections

cenforce 130 tablet

Erectile disorder is an illness that becomes worse with time. This illness is also termed Impotence in males. In the earlier times, the load of work was less and hence the mental stress was also less. But in modern times, there is an increase in the strain from all areas of life. In the present times, there are changes in everything. Men are also developing sensual illnesses in large numbers. Erectile disorder is a male sensual dysfunction that impacts men in a large number. It creates issues in the married life of couples. This kind of illness has an undesired impact on a lot of men. Nowadays oral medications are available to handle such illnesses.  Cenforce 130 from mylovedose is a powerful medication to manage the problem of erectile disorder. It comprises Sildenafil citrate 130mg.

Cenforce 130  medication functions to improve sensual functioning in men. It is extremely famous and even acknowledged for the treatment of the erectile disorder. The Sildenafil citrate 130mg medication offers great security and even efficiency. The medication functions great to handle erection failure in men. The medication offers instant results after consumption. The effect of the tablet lasts for long hours.

Various Causes Behind Impotence

Not being able to attain an erection during sensual contact can haunt a man. It can also cause trouble in one’s relationship. There are numerous causes of Erectile disorder which are broadly divided into two categories- physical (connected to the body) as well as psychological (connected to the mind).

The erectile disorder takes place due to a Scope of Reasons

Physical causes:

  • Due to hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes the veins in the male organ become narrow due to which the flow of blood gets restricted.
  • Men who have undergone surgery or any medical procedure.

Mental causes:

  • Men who suffer from extreme strain
  • men who experience sorrow
  • Those men who are experiencing a problem in their relationship
  • Men who suffer from extreme nervousness

Complications Due to Erectile disorder

  • Men are unable to attain an erection
  • men start to suffer from depression
  • a man is unable to get his partner pregnant

Diagnosis of Impotence

Diagnosis of an Erection problem is very necessary so that one could begin the treatment procedure. This could include the sensual aspects, general health status, plus psychosocial history. The following is how the doctor performs the Diagnosis of an Erection problem:

  • A comprehensive history
  • Physical examination
  • Duplex ultrasound
  • NPTR monitoring

About Cenforce 130 Tablet

Treatment of erectile disorder is necessary to live a happy life with a partner. Sensual interaction is necessary to increase mutual bonding between the couple. Oral medications are a great way to handle sensual illnesses. Cenforce 130 tablet is available in the online market to fix erection problems in men

Cenforce 130 tablet is a great medication to handle the problem of erectile disorder in men. The dynamic element of this medication is Sildenafil citrate 130mg. This ingredient inside the medication is a PDE-5 level of vasodilator. The medication functions by expanding the blood vessels in the male part. This allows a greater flow of blood towards the male part.


Cenforce 130  medication offers a great level of sensual satisfaction to the patients. Those men who consume this medication report a delightful sensual interaction with their companion for long hours. It allows a man to quickly gain and maintain an erection during sensual contact with the lady. One can consume the medication 50 minutes before planning to get involved n a lovemaking session. this medication is also available at an affordable rate.

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