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Many women have a low sensual drive or trouble having an orgasm. A woman has female sensual dysfunction when she is upset or unhappy about her sensual health. Studies show that about 33% of women have a low sensual drive. Of those, about one in three women are upset about having a low sensual drive. That’s about 10% of all women in the world.

A healthy sensual life depends on a complex mix of many factors. The same is true for a troubled sensual life. Health issues such as changes in hormone levels, partner or family issues, and psychological concerns can all contribute to FSD. Cheap pink lady 100 tablets from mylovedose to remedy sensual problems in women. It comprises sildenafil citrate 100 mg. It serves to strengthen the muscle tones. Also, it moistens the dry tissues present in the sensual organs of females

There are several types of Sensual Dysfunction:

• Low sensual desire
• also, trouble becoming aroused
• Trouble having an orgasm
• also, pain during sensual interaction

A woman might have more than one of these problems, which are often associated to each other. Sensual dysfunction can be lifelong or temporary. It can occur all the time, only with a certain partner, or only at certain times, such as after pregnancy.

What are the causes of FSD?

General Physical

Health problems: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or also alcohol abuse
Medicines to treat high blood pressure, depression, pain, and oral contraceptives

• Gynecological

Medical conditions such as endometriosis, cystitis, pelvic muscle problems, or also chronic pelvic pain
Genital surgeries that cause scarring, decreased blood flow, or nerve damage to the genital area

• Hormonal

A drop in estrogen levels from menopause or premature ovarian failure, which can cause vaginal dryness and painful communication.

Possibly, a drop in levels of testosterone, which women release in lower amounts, after removal of the ovaries. Order pink lady 100 online to therapy sensual difficulties in women.

• Psychological and Emotional

Mental distress: stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, past sensual abuse, and also fear of unwanted pregnancy

Relationship issues: boredom, anger, abuse (physical or also emotional)

Religious or also cultural beliefs about sensual interaction

Cheap Pink lady 100 Oral treatment available for FSD

The choice of treatment depends on the cause of your problems. Often, a combination of treatments works best. If you have a medical condition that is causing your FSD, then you must prefer oral medications online.
Buy Pink lady 100 tablets online that is the standard medication for the treatment of sensual difficulties in females. It includes Sildenafil Citrate 100mg. This is an active treatment that can help women to revive their sensuality. It improves the urge for lovemaking with their companion. Belonging to the PDE-5 family of vasodilators, this medication turned out to be effective in very little time.