Maintaining Sensual Activity to Enhance Persistent Outcomes


Female sensual dysfunction remains a taboo subject. For this reason, many women experience problems with their sensuality, but they do not report them, nor do they seek the required help to beat them. Female sensual dysfunction may be a concept that has various difficulties that prevent women from experiencing pleasure. It is also a topic that is still taboo in many places.

It is often defined from two points of view. One is biological and therefore the other psycho-social. From a biological point of view, it corresponds to bother experiencing desire, excitement.

Types of FSD are:

  • Hypoactive concupiscence: This is often a decrease in concupiscence at specific times in life.
  • Sensual arousal disorder: this is often when the woman has trouble starting the physiological mechanisms related to intercourse.
  • Pain related to intercourse: It is related to the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, which makes intercourse difficult.
  • Orgasmic disorder: This is often when it is hard to succeed in climax after arousal.

The physical causes are:

  • Chronic diseases: Some diseases affect concupiscence. These are mainly diabetes, cancer, arthritis, MS, and heart condition.
  • Gynecological problems: Problems within the pelvic muscles, often after surgery therein area, could affect concupiscence. Also, some disorders like endometriosis or cystitis can have an equivalent effect.
  • Hormonal problems: They correspond to the decrease in estrogen or the extent of testosterone. The primary is due to menopause, or premature ovarian failure. The second is due to the removal of the ovaries or aging.
  • Medicines: Some medications and medicines can alter sensual function. Alcohol and other psychoactive drugs can also have a task in sensuality.

There are psychological factors that would cause it to appear:

  • Stress or anxiety: Anguish and worries decrease interest in intercourse or limit enjoyment.
  • Depression: It inhibits the physiological mechanisms of intercourse and significantly reduces sensual interest.
  • Inhibitions: One would possibly express these as fear of intimacy, fear of losing control, fear of not performing properly, or eve shame and low self-esteem.
  • Fatigue: Tiredness limits ability to enjoy intercourse. A really tight schedule could easily cause female sensual dysfunction.
  • Relationship problems: Once an individual have unresolved difficulties during a relationship, it is quite common for this to be reflected in love life.
  • Misleading beliefs: Sometimes religious or ideological factors lead one to think that pleasure may be a bad thing.

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