Prejac 60: A Perfect solution for PE in males

Prejac 60 tablet

Early ejaculation is a common problem among the males. This illness occurs when a man ejaculates too early during sensual contact. It impacts a large percentage of men.  A lot of factors can impact males. These may be physical problems, chemical imbalances and emotional/psychological factors. There are a variety of treatments available for this problem. These may be counselling and medications. Prejac 60 tablet from mylovedose is an oral medication developed to handle the problem of early ejaculation (or PE) in males. It comprises Dapoxetine 60 mg of inside it. It is a  selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI.

The main function of this Prejac 60 tablet is to increase the duration of sensual communication by 3 times. It helps to establish great control over the ejaculation process.

Understanding early ejaculation (or PE) in males

A great percentage of males suffer from the problem of early ejaculation in their life. This problem is a common sort of sensual dysfunction. A huge number of men between the ages of 18 to 60 tend to suffer from it.

PE is a problem that is considered a type of sensual dysfunction. This illness does not allow a man to attain sensual pleasure from sensual interaction. This illness is completely different from erectile disorder. Erectile issues don’t allow a man to attain an erection and maintain it during sensual contact. In the case of early ejaculation, you can attain an erection but ejaculate too early. A lot of times you experience PE along with the problem of ED.

Symptoms of early ejaculation (or PE) in males

Suffering from the problem of early ejaculation sometimes is not a cause of concern but if constantly you suffer from it then it is a great matter of worry for you and your partner. The major symptom of this illness is that you are not able to delay the ejaculation process more than a few minutes after you penetrate the male part into the vagina of the female. Rapid ejaculation is a great issue when the couple indulges in sensual activity.

If sometimes you experience this problem and other times you don’t experience any problem you will be diagnosed with a problem known as natural variable premature ejaculation. There are two types of early ejaculation. These are lifelong or acquired.

  • Lifelong (primary) PE: This PE means you were suffering from this problem since your first sensual experience.
  • Acquired (secondary) PE: Suffering from this problem means you were able to gain longer-lasting ejaculations earlier but now ejaculate too early.

Cause Of Early Ejaculation (PE) In Men

There are a lot of psychological or emotional components that can cause the problem of early ejaculation. PE might also occur as you become older and even experience maintaining an erection for a long time. A lot of health problems can cause PE:

  • poor body image or
  • poor self-confidence
  • unhappiness
  • history of sensual trauma
  • Other factors that might cause PE include:
  • Worry about not performing well
  • Experiencing anxiety during the sensual performance
  • Experiencing dissatisfaction from your partner
  • stress

When the hormonal levels vary abnormally then also you can suffer from the problem of PE. These may include testosterone or chemicals produced by nerve cells called neurotransmitters. Inflammation of the prostate or urethra can also lead to PE in men.

About Prejac 60 Tablet

Prejac 60 tablet is an oral medication for the treatment of early ejaculation in men. It contains Dapoxetine 60 mg. It works by delaying the ejaculation process. It helps a couple to enjoy sensual contact for long hours. It is available at a cheap cost online.

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