Reducing the Risk of Bacterial Infection in Eyes

Reducing the Risk of Bacterial Infection in Eyes

A corneal ulcer is an open sore that forms on the cornea. It is usually caused by an infection. Even small injuries to the attention or erosion caused by wearing contact lenses too long can cause infections.

Symptoms of an infection include:

  • itchy eye
  • watery eye
  • pus-like discharge from the attention
  • burning or stinging sensation within the eye
  • red or pink eye
  • sensitivity to light

Signs of the corneal ulcer itself include:

  • eye inflammation
  • sore eye
  • excessive tearing
  • blurred vision
  • white spot on your cornea
  • swollen eyelids
  • pus or eye discharge
  • sensitivity to light
  • feeling like something is in your eye (foreign body sensation)


Acanthamoeba: These common parasites can enter the attention and cause Acanthamoeba keratitis, a really serious sty which will end in permanent scarring of the cornea and vision loss. Acanthamoeba microorganisms are commonly found in water, swimming pools, hot tubs and other water sources.

Ocular herpes: Another explanation for corneal ulcer may be a herpes simplex viral infection (ocular herpes), which may damage the outside and sometimes even deeper layers of the eye’s surface.

Other causes: Corneal ulcers are often caused by dry eyes, eye allergies and widespread general infection. System disorders and inflammatory diseases like MS and psoriasis can also cause corneal ulcers.

Treatment with Albucid Eye Drops

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