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Complex interactions between both biological and psychosocial systems create the human sensual response. Some factors which will influence the sensual response include cultural practices, the individuals themselves, also because the time, setting, and circumstance surrounding the sensual encounter.

Due to the high variability that exists within the definitions and diagnostic categories of Female Sensual Dysfunction (dysfunction), there are different causes for the incidence and prevalence of those disorders.


Several various factors must be taken into consideration to work out the causes for dysfunction. Under the medical and surgical conditions which will cause dysfunction include endocrine disorders, particularly those due to ovarian cancers, inflammatory diseases like fibromyalgia and atrophic arthritis, also as various neurological conditions, like MS.

Aside from these primary medical conditions exist several secondary, or acquired, problems which will also contribute to dysfunction. Some samples of secondary problems include childbirth, hormonal changes, menopause, breastfeeding, and trauma.

Dysfunction also can result from various psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, and a previous history of sensual assault. A negative attitude toward intercourse and negative body image, also because the individual’s sensual orientation and sort of sensual practices, also can contribute to their dysfunction.

In addition to being a possible explanation for dysfunction themselves, the medications might not treat certain psychological disorders, like antidepressants, antipsychotics, and hormonal contraception medications also can cause dysfunction. A scarcity of exercise, unhealthy dietary habits, and history of smoking, alcohol use, drug abuse, and being overweight are all lifestyle factors which will also contribute to dysfunction.

Additionally, certain psychosocial factors can affect a woman’s sensual functioning. Outside of those causes, dysfunction associated with sensual pain may arise from a good range of anatomic and functional causes, which may be further classified into an anatomic, or infectious.

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