Resolving Symptoms Causing Sensual Difficulty in Women


Sensual dysfunction in women may be a serious and far more common problem. Indeed, consistent with physiology, men are far more vulnerable and hooked in to their sensual health. But female sensual dysfunction also seriously affects the standard of life.

Around half of women worldwide are predisposed to sensual dysfunction. Only a couple of women seek medical help. First of all, such a situation happens due to the actual sensitivity of the matter.

Sensual disorder in women often causes deterioration in family relations, contribute to the emergence of certain prejudices, disturb the mental equilibrium, etc. The prevention and treatment of female sensual disorders are of medical, but, more importantly, social significance.

Various pathologies can adversely affect a woman’s sensual function. However, the explanations can contain many components such as neurogenic, psychogenic, hormonal and even muscular issues.

Typically, the female sensual response consists of 4 main components such as libido, excitement, climax and satisfaction. Any of those components may interact with others providing a negative or positive effect on the general female health.

The following sorts of sensual disorders in women are specified:

Female arousal disorder: It is often felt both on the psychological and somatic level. A woman constantly or periodically feels that it is impossible to realize and maintain sensual excitement. This sort of disorder could also be caused by the insufficient blood supply to the genitals. It occurs in some percentage of individuals.

Climax disorder: It occurs in less than 10 percent of women. It is felt as a permanent or intermittent absence, delay or complete impossibility of achieving sensual satisfaction, with adequate sensual excitement and stimulation. There are primary and secondary. Anorgasmia can also appear as a result of emotional trauma or sensual assault.

Disturbance of drive: It seems like a permanent or periodic absence, lack of sensual fantasies and thoughts, because the lack of susceptibility to sensual intercourse. It occurs in about some percent of sensually active women. It can even be felt by a woman as an aversion to sensuality. The roots of this problem lie most frequently in psychological or physical sensual abuse or injuries, often in childhood.

Pain disorder: Within the sensual sphere it is a continuing or periodic pain within the genitals during sensual activity. It is either psychological reasons or purely physiological. For instance, pain may occur as a result of inflammation of the mucosa of the vaginal vestibule, vaginal atrophy, or a vaginal infection.

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