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Fili 100 is a productive medicine useful in women for enhancing sensual desire and decreased emotional distress. Treating HSDD in women increases capability to achieve satisfying results during sensual proceedings. Flibanserin 100mg helps improve overall sensual health symptoms in women.



Fili 100 mg is a productive medicine useful in women for enhancing sensual desire and decreased emotional distress. The medicine has an active substance of Flibanserin 100mg in it. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for RSM Enterprises. The medicine is also known as a female pill or pink pill. It is effective to treat women who have not gone through menopause and also have a low sensual desire. It is a non-hormonal medicine that helps in increasing the sensual desire in women.

The overall quality, as well as feeling of improvement, is visible in women while on medication. The medicine helps to treat hypoactive sensual craving issues to fulfill sensual occasions who have a concern about it. Fili 100mg Tablets works to perform the sensual activity with the partner. Avoid the use of the medicine for treating sensual desire caused by mental disorder as well as relationship problems with other medicinal health effects. Order Fili 100 online to upgrade sensual excitement in women.


Fili 100 is an oral medicine to be taken orally by mouth with water and low-fat meal. Take the dosage of medicine only once per day at bedtime to avoid side effects. Also, try not to skip the medicine to get proper benefits. Avoid using an inadequate amount of medicine without consultation. Although, do not overdose the medicine.

Benefits of Fili 100mg

The effectiveness of the medicine is visible within four weeks of medication. Its effectiveness evaluates within three phases 3 clinical trials to satisfy the sensual strength in women. Fili 100 mg is not useful for treating sensual enhancement. Also, drinking alcohol with medicine can cause low blood flow.


Fili 100 mg is a prescription medicine and is only for women’s purposes. However, inform the doctor before taking the medicine if you are allergic to it or have any other allergies. Do not drive or use machinery within at least 6 hours of medicine use. Importantly, store the medicine in a cool and dry place away from children.

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